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Posted:  Aug 21, 2014 Drip Cafe  13944
Name:  Debbie 144 Lantana Dr57753 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Hockessin, DE 19707

Fantastic for food allergies. Tell them your allergies, and they will fix most items on the menu to accommodate you. Organic, local foods that taste great. Love this place!
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Posted:  Aug 20, 2014 Italian Village Restaurants  8539
Name:  Great! 71 West Monroe St49051 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Chicago, IL 60603

The chef came out and helped me pick the perfect dish that would be gluten free and then personally delivered it to the table when ready. Great service, and cool atmosphere, would definitely go back.
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Posted:  Aug 19, 2014 Hopscotch Beer and Whiskey Bar  14599
Name:  Toby 9743 Franklin Ave58482 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Franklin Park, IL 60131

The food here is very tasty, high quality stuff. The food has a lot of flavor thats for sure. They have a burger bar with over 40 toppings and served on Udi buns, as well as offering gluten free beer. Also have a dedicated fryer for their french fries. I am coming back definitely.
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Posted:  Aug 19, 2014 Hots Deli  15343
Name:  Travler 180 Westgate Pkwy59757 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Dothan, AL 36303

Absolutely LOVE this place! Finally, Gluten Free Sandwiches packed with GF Meats and cheese! Also the Baked GF wings are great with a salad and GF dressings (almost all of theirs are;)or their GF FRIES! If you get the GF pizza you may want to ask for a "heavy Bake". Glad we found this little gem on the way to the BEACH!
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Posted:  Aug 19, 2014 Chili's Grill & Bar  50
Name:  TK 17588 Castleton5349 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * City of Industry, CA 91748

ISSUE: This location no longer offers gluten free Their menu clearly states that they CANNOT MEET GLUTEN FREE STANDARDS.
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Posted:  Aug 19, 2014 Sweet Karma Desserts  462
Name:  Anonymous 136 Manetto Hill Rd13569 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  not rated Plainview, NY 11803

ISSUE: This location has moved to new location
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Posted:  Aug 19, 2014 Sprouts Farmers Market  6174
Name:  H 7153 Amador Plaza rd30203 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Dublin, CA 94568

They had a huge range of Gluten free products all clearly labeled. It was like a GF dream! I would highly recommend shopping here.
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Posted:  Aug 18, 2014 Paddy Murphy's  15666
Name:  Anonymous 26 Main St60080 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Bangor, ME 04401

Also has gluten free beer (Redbridge).
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Posted:  Aug 18, 2014 Romano's Macaroni Grill  141
Name:  Rick 13721 S Tamiami Trail5795 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * Fort Myers, FL 33912

They cook their gluten free pasta in the same water as their regular pasta. All of their meat is pre marinated so they really don't know what's in it. I got sick every time I ate there and once I found a regular pasta noodle in my "gluten free" pasta. The manager tried to tell me " well some people are more sensitive". They are not gluten free at all!
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Posted:  Aug 18, 2014 Duke's Bakery  12673
Name:  gf calzone 162 Columbia St.55308 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Fall River, MD 20850

Submitted via mobile device Stopped here on our way into Boston from Bristol and fell in love! Wonderful owners and yummy treats. I had GF clam chowder, a GF calzone and a whoopie pie!!!! Worth a stop!
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Posted:  Aug 18, 2014 Seva Restaurant  1425
Name:  Kelly 2541 Jackson Ave18612 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Ann Arbor, MI 48103

ISSUE: This location has moved to new location New Location: 2541 Jackson Ave Ann Arbor, MI 48103
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Posted:  Aug 17, 2014 Bandanas Mexican Grill  12958
Name:  Sophiejagger 5607 Atlantic Ave.55651 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * Wildwood Crest, NJ 08260

Do not eat here if you have celiac disease. They advertise a gluten free menu but are self-admittedly ignorant to the necessary precautions. They serve gluten free nachos but the chips are fried with gluten-containing food. They served a Caesar salad in a tortilla shell with gluten and suggested I just take the salad out the shell and eat it. If you are eating gluten free for dietary reasons it's one thing. Not safe for celiacs.
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Posted:  Aug 17, 2014 Italian Village Restaurants  8539
Name:  RVJStudio 71 West Monroe St49051 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Chicago, IL 60603

Submitted via mobile device I was visiting from out of town with a friend. I am gluten and dairy free and she is dairy free with Kosher restrictions. The chef (whose son is GF) personally came to our table and took our requests and orders very seriously. I had the GF pasta and it was wonderful! The minestrone soup is GF, too. We had customized orders, but he was so helpful, as was our server. We left feeling so spoiled due to the wonderful care and service. I HIGHLY recommend this restaurant! We returned a second time that week!
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Posted:  Aug 17, 2014 Marco's Coal-Fired Pizzeria  9084
Name:  Anonymous 2129 Larimer St.49735 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * Denver, CO 80205

I have celiacs disease and called in to see what they do to manage cross contamination. I was told that There ovens are run at over 1000 degrees and any traces of gluten would just be burned out so there was no cross contamination. Needless to say I did not eat there.
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Posted:  Aug 17, 2014 Chipotle Mexican Grill  15662
Name:  Anonymous 790 Skymarks Dr60076 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Jacksonville, FL 32218

Very good food and experience. I just asked them to change gloves before starting mine and he wiped all the surfaces clean too. Can see GF ingredients on GF Fast Food app, but most is ok
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Gluten-Free Grocery Guide

Posted:  Aug 17, 2014 Stage Door Cafe  15661
Name:  Anonymous 12 Carrick St60075 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Ayr, Ayrshire, KA7 1NU

Almost any meal on menu can be produced gluten free. Trust me the food quality is excellent, presentation and attention to detail shows. I have ceiliacs disease and eat here on a regular basis.
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Posted:  Aug 16, 2014 Violette Gluten Free Bakery  15120
Name:  Anonymous 1001 Mass Ave.59532 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Cambridge, MA 02139

The have the very best bakery ever - gluten free or not. Totally gluten free they use the most high quality ingredient, such as they grind their own flour, and you can definitely taste the difference.
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Posted:  Aug 16, 2014 Hilton Garden Inn  15660
Name:  Anonymous 10 East Market St60074 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Indianapolis, IN 46204

The chef has celic disease, so he gets the importance of taking care in food prep. He uses non-soy, non-corn oils and his fryer has not fried any gluten up to this date. Great food.
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Posted:  Aug 16, 2014 Stadium Pizza  3978
Name:  celiacbritt 32278 Clinton Keith Rd.23892 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Wildomar, CA 92595

Submitted via mobile device Really good pizza! Very impressed with the GF crust. Staff was also very friendly. Didn't get sick which is the most important thing!
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Posted:  Aug 16, 2014 Don Pablos  13085
Name:  whit 6476 Strip N.W.55814 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * North Canton, OH 44720

Was going to go but the kitchen is not recommended for ppl with celiac
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Posted:  Aug 15, 2014 Pizza Fusion  47
Name:  vgm 12901 McGregor Blvd3341 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * Fort Myers, FL 33919

Had a very bad gluten reaction from a pizza delivery, after several times dining in-house and by delivery with no problems. Are you feeling lucky???
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Posted:  Aug 15, 2014 Stonebridge Restaurant  15657
Name:  Anonymous 50 Daniel St60071 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Milford, CT 06460

many items marked on there menu. they have a separate area in their kitchen to cook gluten free foods away from other food. Just let them know.
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Posted:  Aug 15, 2014 HuHot Mongolian Grills  975
Name:  susie 4100 University Ave16332 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** West Des Moines, IA 50265

Submitted via mobile device Yes there is a chance of cross contamination but there is in most restaurants. The manager came over before we started and explained the process. Lady in charge of filling buffet allowed me to get fresh items and sauce from her bins. They then cleaned half the grill just to cook my food. He cleaned it with a smile both times I went up and cleaned it as thoroughly as I would at home. They used fresh spatulas and put them on a clean plate between stirring my food. My food was marked off as well to notify all the chefs that my food was to be kept safe. I was impressed. Only thing I would do differently is bring my own soy and/or teriyaki, but there are plenty of options without it.
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Posted:  Aug 15, 2014 LUK Thai Cuisine  15655
Name:  Anonymous 249 Main St60069 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Wakefield, RI

Dine in, delivery, take out. BEST KEPT SECRET! Majority of menu is GF being Thai food, and just about anything else can be altered for gf. Fried rice and curry to die for, amazing amazing amazing
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Posted:  Aug 15, 2014 Class Pizza  15654
Name:  Anonymous 885 Point Judith Rd60068 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  not rated Narragansett, RI 02882

Ok pizza, obviously a rice flour crust. Not worth the money, better GF pizza in westerly. I prefer crispy thin crust and hot oven pizza compared to this
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Posted:  Aug 14, 2014 Native Foods Cafe  4524
Name:  celiac 7237 SW Bridgeport Rd34161 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * Tigard, OR 97224

Submitted via mobile device They share kitchen and tools with the rest of the food. I contacted the headquarters and they agree their gluten free food is contaminated with gluten since their kitchens are too small to have an area or fryer dedicated for gluten free food
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Posted:  Aug 14, 2014 Franco di Roma  10960
Name:  MARIO 357 rte 211 east53333 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Middletown, NY 10940

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Posted:  Aug 13, 2014 Sugar Free Markets  15644
Name:  Ran 23164 Ventura Blvd60058 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Woodland Hills, CA 91364

I drove down the 101-Fwy and exit on Woodlake. On the right side I saw a sign for a new Sugar and Gluten free market. My dad is diabetic and I thought, that might be something interesting to check out. I stopped by and was told that today was actually their opening day... The owners were very nice and helpful. They have an unexpectedly large collection of Sugar free products. Their selection of Gluten free is very large but I was more interested in the sugar free items. I didn't expect to see candies, ice-creams, bread, cookies, you-name-it, sugar free products.. The owner told me that they actually sell gift baskets and deliver them for free. I noted that and marked on my phone for my dad's next birthday gift. I purchased few items that I know for a fact my dad wouldn't find anywhere else. The prices were very reasonable! I assumed it would be higher giving it is a specially store. Few of the items were actually significantly cheaper than Whole-Foods. I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a huge variety of sugar and gluten free products. It is truly a gem in the valley. They should make such stores available everywhere, I know my dad has serious issues finding products that are suitable for his condition. Now, I will have him go to this store, knowing he can pick whatever he'd like and control his condition without spending hours in the Whole-Foods isles looking for suitable products.
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Posted:  Aug 13, 2014 4Gs Restaurant and Pizza  15646
Name:  Anonymous 305 Hartford Pike60060 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Dayville, CT

Crispy, choose your own toppings GF pizza!
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Posted:  Aug 13, 2014 Eats and Treats Cafe  7605
Name:  otmar 1644 Main St47045 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Philomath, OR 97370

Submitted via mobile device Eats and treats has moved! Same great people and food but now over in Philomath. 1644 Main St, Philomath, OR (541) 307-0225
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Posted:  Aug 13, 2014 Wok Box  15623
Name:  egelz621 15807 N Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd60037 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Scottsdale, AZ

Submitted via mobile device One of my favorite restaurants. I have celiac and know when I have cross contamination, but I never get sick here. They have a dedicated gluten free menu! Fresh Asian food that is delicious. Recommend to this anyone with a gluten allergy/intolerance. 5 stars!
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Posted:  Aug 12, 2014 Blackbeard's Inn  15643
Name:  Anonymous 701 N Dixie Hwy60057 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** New Smyrna Beach, FL

No GF menu but they were able to answer my questions and I had quite a few options to choose from on their menu. They cooked the seafood well. I didn't have any reactions or problems afterwards.
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Posted:  Aug 12, 2014 Brunchies Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch  11798
Name:  Mike 14366 N Dale Mabry54258 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Tampa, FL 33618

Extensiver GF menu. Great breakfast. Excellent GF toast.
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Posted:  Aug 11, 2014 Stairs  8033
Name:  Anonymous 403 W Patriot St47771 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  **** Somerset, PA 15501

The staff was very friendly and helped my create a good gluten free pizza by mixing toppings and sauces!
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Posted:  Aug 11, 2014 Hazel & Wally Ltd.  14128
Name:  Glutenfoodie
Rating:  *

I have been celiac for many years and tried muffins at hazel and wally and had a reaction (also the second time found a hair in the muffin! Gross!)... this is the second time that this happened! I'm not sure how reputable this company is... I would say there are many better GF options out there from more reputable companies.
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Gluten-Free Grocery Guide

Posted:  Aug 10, 2014 McAlister's Deli  11628
Name:  Anonymous 910 NW. Blue Pkwy60049 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Lee's Summit, MO 64086

Most sandwiches & salads available gluten free on GF bread.
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Posted:  Aug 10, 2014 Melting Pot - Darien  2054
Name:  Rachel 14 Grove St20576 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Darien, CT 06820

Went for my birthday, first time. My husband and I both loved it - it was a fun and romantic experience, and the food was great. The menu was confusing, but the server was very helpful explaining it and providing suggestions. I am gluten free (celiac) and they have a separate menu to accommodate. The server was also knowledgeable and attentive about what was gluten free, and since a lot of the food is prepared right at the table (so you can see what goes in it) I felt pretty safe. In terms of food, everything tasted amazing. We had the cheddar fondue as a starter, shared an entrée (my husband loved the curry dipping sauce), and then ended with dessert.
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Posted:  Aug 10, 2014 The Pizza Man of Hooksett  3884
Name:  tina 254 West River Rd23669 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * Hooksett, NH 03106

Submitted via mobile device Twice now I have ordered a GF item and it was not. Once a sub and once a pizza. Their excuse is that they have new people training. The problem if you didn't know on visual inspection it was not GF you could become very ill. I no longer can recommend them.
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Posted:  Aug 10, 2014 Martingale Wharf  14059
Name:  Smallfry 99 Bow St57924 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * Portsmouth, NH 03081

We went today for lunch. I informed the server immediately upon seating that I have a gluten allergy. She assured us that almost anything on the menu can be made gluten free. When we ordered, I reminded her with respect to each dish that I would be eating that it must be gluten free. She acknowledged that. One of the appetizers we ordered was the mussels, gluten free version. She served the dish to us and we all started eating it. This dish comes topped with french fries (which state explicitly on the menu that they can be made gluten free) which are drizzled normally with a malt sauce. We all were eating for about 5 minutes, including myself, when she came back and said what I had been eating was not gluten free. These were the regular, gluten fries cooked in the gluten fryolater and topped with the malt sauce. She said she was sorry and I said, I told you I have a gluten allergy, now I am going to get very sick. She offered to take that item off the check. The manager came over and apologized and I explained what was going to likely happen to me in the next 48 hours. They sent out the gf version (which I did not eat) but it had completely different fries and no sauce and looked absolutely nothing like the regular version so the server should definitely have known it wasn't gf. Stay away.
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Posted:  Aug 10, 2014 Publix  15633
Name:  Anonymous 2300 McFarland Blvd60047 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Northport, AL 35476

Publix has a dedicated gluten-free section as well as gluten-free options in its freezer section.
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Posted:  Aug 10, 2014 Oasis  4396
Name:  T 53C Spring St24472 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Eureka Springs, AR 72632

OMG! I've been eating here for 8 years now, only the last two have I been gluten free. The food is all made from scratch, it delicious. Its a little hole in the wall, very hard to find, but ask a local and they can provide directions. I nearly always get some sort of taco or enchilada and tell the waitress I'm gluten free so they'll put it in corn tortillas. The chips and green salsa are gf too. (and to die for!)Fairly inexpensive. Coffee is self serve and they only take cash.
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Posted:  Aug 10, 2014 Aulani Disney Resort  12675
Name:  Anonymous 92-1185 Aliinui Dr55310 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Kapolei (Oahu Island), HI

I can't believe Hawaii now has Disney! That makes 3 Disney Resorts besides California and Florida!
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Posted:  Aug 10, 2014 Disney Cruise Vacations  9493
Name:  Anonymous Guest Communications50147 [Map]
Rating:  ***** Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

It's nice to know that Disney loves families enough to help them in any way they can!
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Posted:  Aug 10, 2014 Disneyland  6484
Name:  Anonymous 1313 South Harbor Blvd30693 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Anaheim, CA 92802

I visited Disneyland in 1977, when I was 10 years old. Gluten Free Menus are always available!
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Posted:  Aug 9, 2014 Noodle Station  13173
Name:  Deb1602 11 Lebanon St56134 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Hanover, NH 03755

Submitted via mobile device They know all about GF. They cook food in front of you. Very good selection to pick from.
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