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Posted:  Jul 30, 2014 Megg's Cafe and Hamilton Bread Co.  3597
Name:  Christy 1749 Everton Dr 23231 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Temple, TX 76504

This is the best homemade bread! You need to call a day before and the cost is $7.00 and $7.25. If you are gluten free this bread is so good you need to stop yourself from eating the whole loaf. This bread freezes well.
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Posted:  Jul 29, 2014 6house pub  15409
Name:  Anonymous 910 Cold Springs Rd 59823 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Williamstown, MA 01267

Lots of options!
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Posted:  Jul 29, 2014 Sterk's Bakery  1021
Name:  Anonymous 137 Queen St 16410 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Dunnville, ON N1A 1H6

Sterks were shut down by the city of Hamilton over a year ago. Thanks tho.
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Posted:  Jul 29, 2014 Chimney Rock Inn  1640
Name:  Leah 800 North Thompson Ave 19843 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Bound Brook, NJ 08805

Submitted via mobile device Chimney Rock recently expanded to having an outstanding GF menu available all the time. They even have multiple GF dessert and beer options. Their service is also spectacular and they are constantly making adjustments to guard against cross-contamination.
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Posted:  Jul 28, 2014 Hudson's on the Docks  15342
Name:  Anonymous 1 Hudson Rd 59756 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Hilton Head Island, SC 20850-5675

Freshest seafood on the island! Great waitstaff and beautiful views.
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Posted:  Jul 27, 2014 Chuck E. Cheese  7687
Name:  clb 416 Cox Road 50620 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Gastonia, NC 28054

I felt 100% safe eating here. I took my niece there for a day of pizza and fun. I asked about a gluten free menu but I didn't really expect that they would have anything safe (I have celiac disease). I was surprised that they had gf pizza. It was made and sealed in a package in a dedicated gf place. It was cooked in the same bag that it was packaged in and delivered to the table still in the package. I felt like it was extremely safe. I was able to safely eat pizza with my niece!!!
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Posted:  Jul 26, 2014 Red Tractor Pizza  15329
Name:  Anonymous 1007 W. Main St 59743 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Bozeman, MT

The crust is very thick and fluffy, best way I can describe is like a biscuit but that's of course all wrong. They use a lot of organic/local ingredients, offer a dairy-free cheese, tons of toppings
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Posted:  Jul 26, 2014 Pachangas  15328
Name:  Anonymous 501 Park Ave 59742 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Idaho Falls, ID

Very knowledgable, nearly everything on the menu is already GF as they work hard to make sure no flours are used in nearly every item. We loved the tacos, tamales, rice, chips & salsa!
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Posted:  Jul 26, 2014 Indian palace  8309
Name:  Dave 3616 far west blvd 113 48303 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * Austin, TX 78731

Medium sized daily Indian food buffet, 80% of which is marked clearly as gluten free, including desert.
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Posted:  Jul 26, 2014 Momcorn  8611
Name:  KathyR 5101 Washington 49136 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Gurnee, IL 60031

Momcorn "gets" gluten free. The menu is loaded with naturally gluten free items everyone can enjoy. For highly sensitive customers, Momcorn will use their dedicated gluten free fryer and will wash the flat top grill.
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Posted:  Jul 25, 2014 The Red Oak Bakery  8273
Name:  Georgies mom 596 S.Castell Ave. 48262 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * New Braunfels, TX 78130

Easy to find and so glad we did....needed a GF snack. We bought brownies, pecan and plain plus vanilla cupcakes. We are pleased to say the gluten is gone but taste is not....yippee! This us our first time to stay in this area, I would like to return. It seemed like she had more selections had we come in earlier. Thank you
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Posted:  Jul 24, 2014 GF Gourmet Food, Inc  6388
Name:  cara 1111-B Carlisle Blvd SE 30416 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * Albuquerque, NM 87106

great food and such a relief to tell my daughter, you can have ANYTHING on the menu
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Posted:  Jul 24, 2014 Annie's Just Desserts  13253
Name:  Anonymous No retail storefront 56817 [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Norfolk, MA 02056

Annie is so passionate about making delicious baked treats, and she has more than succeeded in creating the most delectable desserts! Why not buy gluten free when it tastes this good?
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Posted:  Jul 23, 2014 Boston Market  23
Name:  Ben 2307A Forest Dr 6398 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * Annapolis, MD 21401

Ate there about a dozen times. Always felt fine and loved the food. Not this time. I got sick within 10 mins of eating. Got diarrhea, bloating, and joint aches for a few days after.
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Posted:  Jul 23, 2014 Hippie Chick Bakery  270
Name:  Patti 118 S Rd. 11472 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * Kensington, NH 03833

Absolutely awful! The cupcakes did not taste good, the decorations were not at all what was asked for. The presentation was horrible the three tier holder was suppose to be decorated with the theme of the wedding and had no decoration what so ever, not even a doily. The cupcakes looked like they had sat in the sun for two hours before being brought in. The bride being gluten free didn't even dare to eat one because the top tier was suppose to be the gluten free cupcakes but because everything else was wrong she was afraid that was too. Most of the cupcakes didn't even get eaten because the guest that did have one stated they were awful so the rest of the guests opted out, we had to throw them away. Extremely disappointed, not anything like when you meet with them for the taste test. Would not recommend them to anyone.
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Gluten-Free Grocery Guide

Posted:  Jul 23, 2014 Bonniebix Quality shortbreads  13481
Name:  Sarah Lygon St 57230 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Brunswick, 3222

I discovered these at a handmade market and then Bonniebix made me some REALLY good vegan, gluten free shortbread. Most gluten free stuff is horrifically sugary, but these didn't taste it, even with icing on the back.
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Posted:  Jul 23, 2014 Jeannie's Great Maine Breakfast  8186
Name:  Andrew 15 Cottage St 48100 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Bar Harbor, ME 04609

Submitted via mobile device Excellent service! Great selection
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Posted:  Jul 23, 2014 Red Robin  569
Name:  TCJ 3770 Bloomington St 14664 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * Colorado Springs, CO 80922

Submitted via mobile device This place is disgusting and customer service is horrible. When I asked for a GF menu, I was brought a tablet/iPad that looked and felt like it hadn't been cleaned in years. I was disgusted and immediately went to wash my hands. I am writing this as I sit, waiting for my food. Not holding out much hope and am going to thoroughly check my food for "retaliation" of my voiced complaints.
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Posted:  Jul 22, 2014 Gluten Free Goddess  15203
Name:  JJ Chipeta Ct. 59615 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Clifton, CO 81520

This has got to be the best Gluten Free stuff I have ever had. I have ordered from her several times and she never fails to deliver in any respect!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need her to stay around so make sure you check it out!
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Posted:  Jul 22, 2014 Flavor Cupcakery  3630
Name:  Rachel 118 North Tollgate Rd 23280 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Bel Air, MD 21014

I went in with my friend not expecting to be able to get anything but they had gluten free cupcakes available! There is a different flavor available every day and you can place an order ahead of time for whatever flavor you want! Most of their flavors are available in gluten free! YUM
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Posted:  Jul 22, 2014 Big Ten Pizza and Subs  15196
Name:  Anonymous Rt 118 59608 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Lehman, PA 18627

Just arrived gluten free pizza
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Posted:  Jul 21, 2014 Barista's Roasting Co.LLC  6572
Name:  Anonymous 1007 Dana Dr. 30861 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  not rated Redding, CA 96003

ISSUE: This location has closed permanently
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Posted:  Jul 21, 2014 CiaoCristina!  6987
Name:  drdeb 4201 W. Olive Ave. 31388 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * Burbank, CA 91505

Submitted via mobile device Very good Italian food. GF pasta & pizza
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Posted:  Jul 21, 2014 Erbert & Gerbert's Sandwich Shop  9703
Name:  CM 105 West 3rd St. 51398 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * Winona, MN 55987

We had no problems at the Winona location, good sandwich.
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Posted:  Jul 21, 2014 Black Sushi House  15191
Name:  Anonymous 259 Main St 59603 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Ogunquit, ME

Excellent, fresh sushi! I loved their rainbow roll - made with fresh crab inside (no gluten filled imitation)! Mmmm...delicious! Black's Sushi has professional, knowledgeable, accommodating staff.
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Posted:  Jul 21, 2014 Stacked  15190
Name:  Anonymous 446 W Hillcrest Dr 59602 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

Order via iPad at your table. As soon as you touch an item a NO GLUTEN sign pops up, if appropriate!
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Posted:  Jul 21, 2014 Pieology  13422
Name:  GFCF mom 593 N. Moorpark Rd. Suite A 57059 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

We LOVE this place. Great deal! The staff gets it. They change their gloves and often the manager steps in to do the GF order. You can get any topping you want and lots of it..all included in the same place. The GF pizza crust is a bit more. They use sauce from a separate closed area and the GF crust is baked on a metal flat "tray." Once we went in and they were out of GF crust. The manager gave us free coupons to return. Nice place!
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Posted:  Jul 21, 2014 Hobee's  5366
Name:  GFCF mom 800 Ahwanee Avenue 29101 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * Sunnyvale, CA 94087

We ate here recently. They had a nice, detailed GF menu. they seemed to "get it." It's like a coffee shop, has many choices.
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Posted:  Jul 21, 2014 Linda's Diet Delites  1714
Name:  TomM 1049A Raritan Rd 19926 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  not rated Clark, NJ 07066

ISSUE: This location has closed permanently
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Posted:  Jul 20, 2014 Farmers Kitchen Cafe  5562
Name:  GFCF mom 624 4th St 2225 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Davis, CA 95616

AMAZING!!! You call up...they tell you what is on the menu for that day. If you call by noon, they will have it packed and ready for pick up when you need it. We were driving from S. F and had no idea of our time frame. We called and they said come in. They provided us with chicken pot pies and a veggie/fruit salad. AMAZING. Not cheap, but the ingredients are farm fresh and of quality and taste! Highly recommended! We ordered a sandwich for pick up the next day at noon. Bread was JUST made and yummy!
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Posted:  Jul 20, 2014 Bintliffs  15179
Name:  Anonymous 335 Main St 59591 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Ogunquit, ME

Bintliffs is the best restaurant I have eaten at since going gluten free. The staff are very knowledgeable about allergens. Bintliffs always ensures my food is allergen free. Also the food delicious.
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Posted:  Jul 19, 2014 Patrick Jane's Gourmet Pizza Bar  13078
Name:  therarec 1353 Kildaire Farm Rd 55794 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Cary, NC 27511

Submitted via mobile device We are from Texas and headed to Wilmington. We needed a GF place to eat on the way. So glad we made this choice! Would recommend to anyone with Celiac.
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Posted:  Jul 19, 2014 Silly's  5572
Name:  pds9 40 Washington ave 29362 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * Portland, ME 04101

Submitted via mobile device Food was great. Very fresh and home made. Staff educated and friendly. Note, parking was tough. Only 15 minute except on the side streets, plus the neighborhood isn't the greatest.
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Posted:  Jul 19, 2014 Bianelli's Gourmet Pizza and Pasta  15156
Name:  Anonymous 78-6831 Alii Dr 59568 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Kailua Kona (Big Island), HI 96740

Great little place in Keahou Shopping Center. GF pizza & pasta. Great service friendly staff. Full bar. Delicious food.
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Posted:  Jul 19, 2014 Red Leaf Grill and Lounge  15152
Name:  Anonymous 938 Mountain Rd 59564 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Moncton, NB

Great GF options not found in many restaurants. They offer GF breaded chicken wings (mild, med, hot, honey garlic), coconut shrimp, GF fish and chips, chicken tenders and many other options. Good food
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Gluten-Free Grocery Guide

Posted:  Jul 18, 2014 Cantina Mamma Lucia  15150
Name:  Anonymous 1350 Dorsey Rd 59562 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Hanover, MD 21076

Menu doesn't reflect options, but just found out from staff they have GF pasta!! Just call 20-30 minutes ahead.
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Posted:  Jul 18, 2014 Little Spice Thai Restaurant  15149
Name:  Anonymous 1350 Dorsey Rd 59561 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Hanover, MD 21076

Thai cuisine features many naturally gluten-free items, since their soy sauce is generally safe and most of the noodles are rice. Much of staff is knowledgeable of menu items with gluten.
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Posted:  Jul 18, 2014 Ristorante La Favola  15148
Name:  Anonymous Zähringer Str. 3 59560 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Hockenheim, MI 68766

This restaurant has gluten-free pasta and their meat dishes do not contain gluten. This location doesn't offer gluten-free pizza like the one in Frankfurt.
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Posted:  Jul 18, 2014 Globus  15147
Name:  Anonymous Im Gewerbegebiet Talhaus Speyerer Str. 1 59559 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Hockenheim, 68766

This store has a large section of gluten-free foods clearly marked. Also other gluten-free items in regular aisles. I have been relying on the stores for my food while travelling.
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Posted:  Jul 18, 2014 Rewe  15146
Name:  Anonymous Dieselstr. 13 59558 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Seligenstadt, 63500

They have a small section of gluten-free items clearly marked and also have gluten-free lunchmeat. It is a chainwide thing.
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Posted:  Jul 18, 2014 Selah Tea Cafe  15140
Name:  mpv61 177 Main St 59552 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Waterville, ME 02052

Here's my full review, now that the place has been added (thank you!)... One of the three shelves of baked goods was all GF. Unfortunately, those weren't GF *enough* for someone with celiac disease, but if you have a less serious sensitivity, the baked goods looked excellent. My daughter and I have celiac disease, so I discussed the options with the woman behind the counter and decided a sandwich made with their (made elsewhere and wrapped) GF bread would be the safest. She spoke with the man in the back who would make the sandwiches and between the two of them, all surfaces were cleaned first, plates were freshly cleaned, silverware, knives, etc., were all freshly cleaned... In short, they did everything they should do to make sure our food didn't get cross-contaminated and they communicated it to me. The lady behind the counter was so nice and understanding, too. The sandwiches were delicious (we each had different ones) and neither of us had any sort of reaction (which we would if there were contamination). It was a pleasure to eat there, and to have found another safe place to eat when we're in the area. We had two gluten-eaters with us; they liked their food also. I heartily recommend it.
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Posted:  Jul 18, 2014 Lucille's  15141
Name:  Anonymous 2000 East Rio Salado Pkwy 59553 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Tempe, AZ

Amazing huge gluten free menu
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Posted:  Jul 18, 2014 Selah Tea Cafe  15140
Name:  Anonymous 177 Main St 59552 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Waterville, ME 02052

This isn't my place; I ate here recently and wanted to put in a (positive) review. This place has GF bread for any of their sandwiches and also some GF baked items. -- mpv61
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Posted:  Jul 18, 2014 Grand Central Cafe  4761
Name:  mpv61 10 Railroad Square 25601 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Waterville, ME 04901-6133

We've gone back twice a year since my original review and always had good luck. However, this year when we went on a Sunday (without calling, for once), there was a sign that said it was closed Sundays for the rest of the summer. There wasn't anything online mentioning that, so double-check opening days/times!
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Posted:  Jul 17, 2014 Volcano House Hotel Restaurant  15135
Name:  Anonymous 1 Crater Rim Dr 59547 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Volcano (Hawaii Island), HI 96718

Menu is clearly labeled with GF selections. View of Kilauea Caldera is gorgeous. Unfortunately, the service was terrible when we ate there. But the food was decent for being inside a national park.
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