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Posted:  Apr 20, 2014 Restaurant Pizza Villa  6864
Name:  Craig 6672 Papineau Ave. 31229 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Montreal, QC H2G 2X2

Great restaurant! Staff is very knowledgeable about gluten free lifestyle and are extremely helpful. Nice selection of pasta dishes. Seafood pasta and meatballs are amazing; chocolate mousse is the best I've had.
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Posted:  Apr 19, 2014 Town Spa  14559
Name:  Anonymous 1119 Washington St 58436 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Stoughton, MA 02072

Awesome gluten free pizza
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Posted:  Apr 19, 2014 Salsa Brava Fresh Mexican Grill  8563
Name:  Mike 52 W. Springer Dr 49088 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Highlands Ranch, CO 80129

Submitted via mobile device Great menu for GF. Lots of options and GF salsa as well. Waiter wasn't quite sure but went back to ask twice.
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Posted:  Apr 19, 2014 Independent Brewing Company  14562
Name:  Anonymous 1704 Shady Ave. 58439 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Pittsburgh, PA

Ask for GF options - chef is very accommodating for kids and adults alike; fryers are dedicated to french fries and no gluten foods. GF grownup beverages inc. hard cider and wine.
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Posted:  Apr 19, 2014 Alycone Cafe  13488
Name:  Otto 315 High St SE 57237 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Salem, OR

Had a nice Reuben sandwich for lunch. They surely know how to make one! Loved every bit of it, even the dill pickles, which I normally don't care for.
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Posted:  Apr 19, 2014 Margot's Cafe  13489
Name:  Otto 617 Lancaster Dr NE 57238 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Salem, OR 97301

Highly recommended! Particularly loved the bread, which is made on site, but literally everything we had (went for brunch) was excellent. Wonderful, friendly service too. We'll be back!
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Posted:  Apr 18, 2014 Town Spa  14559
Name:  Anonymous 1119 Washington St 58436 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Stoughton, MA 02072

Just started doing gluten free pizza Bar size pizza for a dollar more than regular pizza.Pizza was one of the best gf Ive had
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Posted:  Apr 18, 2014 PieZoni's  6894
Name:  Bob 839 Park St. 31259 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Stoughton, MA 02072

Great gluten free pizza cooked in its own foil pan
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Posted:  Apr 17, 2014 Tasty Good Eats  14081
Name:  Maria 57946 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Fairfield, CT

I always thought that gluten free was not tasty at all but my friend ordered this delicious cake with raspberry mouse from here and I have to say that it was delicious!! Since then I have tried different products. I highly recommend this business and it is great for parties with picky eaters.
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Posted:  Apr 17, 2014 Hodgson Mill  14124
Name:  Ray 1100 Stevens Ave 57991 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Effingham, IL 62401

Hodgson Mill makes the best baking mixes at an affordable price. They make going Gluten Free easier. I really love their apple cinnamon muffin mix - big pieces of fruit! Great stuff!
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Posted:  Apr 16, 2014 Jam Gluten-Free Confections  12951
Name:  Renee 3714 Columbus Ave 55644 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Sandusky, OH 44870

By far the BEST gluten free Bakery . New items all the time.Thank you chef Eric for your outstanding quality of your products.Keep up the great work. Everything I've tasted so for is yummy.......
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Posted:  Apr 16, 2014 Mama Resch's  14551
Name:  Anonymous 12635 METCALF 58428 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * OVERLAND PARK, KS

This place is great!!! The cookies cupcakes and granola bars are awesome!
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Posted:  Apr 16, 2014 Austin Grill  93
Name:  International 801 King St 4021 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * Alexandria, VA 22314

The Place has just reopened, hired new staff who were aware of gluten and well informed. All gluten free dishes are labeled gf in the menu. We had a great and very tasty meal and I m feeling fine :)
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Posted:  Apr 15, 2014 Railhead diner  14542
Name:  Anonymous 103 W Washington St, 58419 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Purcell, OK 73080

Closed sun/mon. Open tues-sat 6am-2pm. Standard breakfast items, burgers, veggies, etc. simple food, kind staff, plenty of gluten free options if you are careful with your selections.
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Posted:  Apr 15, 2014 The County Line  14521
Name:  Anonymous 5204 Ranch Rd 2223 58398 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Austin, TX

Delicious barbeque and fixins. Everything is gluten free except the bread and dessert.
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Gluten-Free Grocery Guide

Posted:  Apr 14, 2014 The Ugly Omlet  12972
Name:  Anonymous 324 Electric Ave 55664 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Lunenburg, MA 01462

Great pancakes, eggs, bacon, fruit cup, GF bread, I suggest the Apple Vermonter.
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Posted:  Apr 14, 2014 Chick-fil-A  4436
Name:  GF Sandy 201 Baltimore 27237 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * El Paso, TX 79968

Chick filet should never be listed as a gluten-free option. My husband has celiac disease. We tried one time and he was violently sick as celiacs get. C.F. has no dedicated fryers so most everything is contaminated with flour and gluten.
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Posted:  Apr 13, 2014 Posh Nosh Deli  14134
Name:  Anonymous 8115 Maryland Ave 58006 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Clayton, MO 63105

A great deli with gluten free bread!
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Posted:  Apr 13, 2014 J. Buck's - Clayton  11809
Name:  Anonymous 101 S. Hanley Rd. 54269 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * Clayton, MO 63105

Tasty house smoked meat boards.
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Posted:  Apr 13, 2014 Demun Oyster Bar  13513
Name:  Anonymous 740 Demun Ave 57295 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Clayton, MO 63105

Amazing shrimp and grits!
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Posted:  Apr 13, 2014 Chili's Grill & Bar  50
Name:  Crunchymommy
Rating:  *

My daughter ordered off the GF menu, and I emphasized at least twice to the waitress that her meal needed to be gluten free. She was brought her meal with garlic toast on the plate, touching other items. We sent it back and she was brought a (presumably) all-new plate. Next morning, she was feeling "glutened." I'm guessing the staff and management have no idea what is required to offer a truly gluten free meal and prepared her new steak on the same grill the toast had been made on. :( Also, they didn't take anything off our bill for having to wait a long time for our meal in the first place, and then messing up the gf order. Not going back.
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Posted:  Apr 13, 2014 Kabab Village  14077
Name:  Amjad 4805 S. Cleveland Ave. 57942 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Fort Myers, FL 33907

Submitted via mobile device Great food , Great People , I like the location so much it's clean , friendly .
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Posted:  Apr 13, 2014 Crepe World  14136
Name:  Katiebug 3665 Sunset Ave 58008 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Rocky Mount, NC 27804

I love Crepe World! If you're looking for something different, yet absolutely delicious, Crepe World is the place to go! The Carolina Crepe (savory) and the Madagascar Crepe (sweet) are among my favorite crepes! And their paninis and salads are wonderful too! I suggest the California salad and Grilled Chicken Caesar salad. They also have very tasty beverages! I love to enjoy their hot chocolate during the cold months. The atmosphere is relaxing, cozy, and quiet and the staff are very friendly and attentive! What a lovely place more people need to know about and experience! :)
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Posted:  Apr 13, 2014 Dee's One Smart Cookie, llc  963
Name:  Nicole 398 Hebron Ave 16264 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * Glastonbury, CT 06033

Had a chocolate chip cookie..wasn't overly impressed, was also rushed. Prices way too high, seems like they take advantage of someones allergy
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Posted:  Apr 12, 2014 Morton's Steakhouse  6515
Name:  Anonymous 7822 Bonhomme Ave. 30788 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Clayton, MO 63105

Great and friendly staff. You can get (3) two ounce filets with three sauces for $7 during happy hour. Just order without the crostini.
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Posted:  Apr 12, 2014 CJ Muggs  13542
Name:  Anonymous 200 S. Central 57324 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Clayton, MO 63105

Not your average pub food. This place has a lot of great food and the staff is really friendly.
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Posted:  Apr 12, 2014 City Coffehouse & Creperie  13913
Name:  Anonymous 36 N. Brentwood Blvd 57714 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Clayton, MO 63105

The food is great. Just be patient. They're usually very busy. You order at the counter and they bring out your food.
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Posted:  Apr 12, 2014 Brazikat  13970
Name:  Anonymous 172 Carondelet Plaza 57782 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Clayton, MO 63105

They have gluten free cheese "balls". They're basically mini rice flour rolls. Really great to have with the meal.
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Posted:  Apr 12, 2014 BARcelona Tapas Restaurant  14074
Name:  Anonymous 34 N Central Ave 57939 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Clayton, MO 63105

This place is a lot of fun and they've got a great happy hour.
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Posted:  Apr 12, 2014 Five Guys Burgers & Fries  1482
Name:  Anonymous 622 George Washington Highway 50980 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * Lincoln, RI 02865

I'd rate them a 5 if they had GF rolls.
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Posted:  Apr 11, 2014 Renee's Gourmet Pizzeria  14133
Name:  Anonymous 1937 W. Maple Rd 58000 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Troy, MI 48084

My wife and have eaten there twice. Very good food and exceptionally careful about cross contamination. Try the Calzone.
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Posted:  Apr 11, 2014 Ulysses American Gastropub  7598
Name:  Nick 1716 Marsh Rd 47038 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Wilmington, DE 19810

Submitted via mobile device Super friendly staff. And I like their dedicated menu as opposed to pointing at items on the regular menu. Pork belly tacos were great.
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Posted:  Apr 10, 2014 Nourish  2335
Name:  Mama of EoE son 7147 East Highland Ave 21055 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * Scottsdale, AZ 85251

I would say the food was great, and very fresh. It's expensive but not out of control. The smoothies are not kid friendly but my husband and I enjoyed them. My son was recently diagnosed with EoE along with a ton of other food allergies, including all nuts. I made this very clear to the waitress. The service is very slow but she was helpful in guiding us through the menu. At the end of our dinner we ordered dessert. There were 5 of us so we ordered 3 desserts that were recommended by our waitress. The two "chocolate" ones were ok, again not kid friendly. The lemon one wasn't great. My daughter said, it tastes like lemon soap. We all had a very small bite (my son's was the smallest). We all agreed that indeed it did taste like lemon soap. After a good laugh, my son started to gag, salivate and wipe his tongue off with his napkin. I first thought he was being rude and simply didn't like the dessert. When he wouldn't stop, I quickly took him outside. His shirt was covered in saliva. I ran inside to see exactly what was in the lemon bar. They give me a list of healthy grains, oils, spices and then she ends with a ground walnut crust. I rush outside to give my son his epi-pen. As I am leaving she asks if everything was ok. I said, no. He is highly allergic to nuts. At no point did she try to help. There were three servers and the owner standing around and not one person did anything to try to help me. I put my son in the car with epi-pen in hand and instruct my husband to drive to the ER. I had benedryl in the car, so I gave him that and he started to feel better. The trace amount of nut was fortunately taken care of by the benedryl. Again the food was very good however we will not be returning.
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Posted:  Apr 10, 2014 GF Gourmet Food, Inc  6388
Name:  Noelle 1111-B Carlisle Blvd SE 30416 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Albuquerque, NM 87106

I love this place! Their New Mexican dishes are wonderful and I can eat in comfort knowing they didn't put flour in the red chile. I love their breakfast burritos and cupcakes. It's nice eating a tortilla that isn't corn once in a while.
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Posted:  Apr 9, 2014 Pizza Luce  919
Name:  CeliacMom 1183 Selby Ave 16212 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * St. Paul, MN 55014

We took our kids (8 and 4) out for pizza one Saturday night - our first GF outing since my son's diagnosis. Luce did a great job of accommodating our needs and questions. A manager even brought a binder with food info to our table so we could review what was in the food we ordered! Our kids loved the GF pizza.
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Gluten-Free Grocery Guide

Posted:  Apr 8, 2014 The Urban Frog  6329
Name:  sarah k 163 N Broadway 30355 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Green Bay, WI 54303

Submitted via mobile device So excited to find this great GF treasure. GF scotcharoos and pineapple spice cake to go. Fruit smoothie made fresh and safe in front of me. This will be my go- to location whenever I visit Green Bay.
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Posted:  Apr 8, 2014 Vellum  14287
Name:  Anonymous 209 S Main St 58163 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Ann Arbor, MI 48104

While they don't have a specific gluten free menu, the chef is very accomodating and aware of food tolerance issues, especially if you let them know when you make the reservation. Nice, High end.
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Posted:  Apr 8, 2014 Frita Batidos  14286
Name:  Anonymous 117 W Washington St 58162 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Has a gluten free menu on request and a dedicated gluten free fryer.
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Posted:  Apr 8, 2014 Voila Gluten Free Bakeree  1835
Name:  Jim 22 Lakeshore Rd West 20129 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Oakville, ON L6K 1C5

I just visited the new location in Kanata Ont, their son Ryan is managing the bakery. He is very knowledgeable about celiac and other allergens. They have a great menu and great carrot cake and their breads are very delicious. The brownie is too die for. Thx Voila
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Posted:  Apr 7, 2014 Rick's Bistro  14244
Name:  Anonymous 3249 S. 6th St 58120 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Klamath Falls, OR 97603

Restaurant avoids wheat as much as possible and fried items are made with cornstarch.
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Posted:  Apr 7, 2014 Glutinetto by cookies con amore  13448
Name:  Sunshine 2330 la Miranda dr 57090 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Vista, CA 92081

The cookies are delicious and the variety of the sample that I had was great. The only comlaint I have is that they were overpriced but this could be a function of where I purchased them: AJ's fine food...
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Posted:  Apr 6, 2014 Outback Steakhouse  6
Name:  Lisa
Rating:  *

We ate dinner at Outback Friday and ALL day Saturday I was so sick and lived in the bathroom most of the day with my stomach playing music. The ONLY food I'd rate all day was here. I asked for a GF menu and was given one. The waiter seemed to understand and stated so. But I still got sick. Very sick. It's late Saturday night and I've barely eaten a thing. Hurts too much. I had Salmon, baked potato and side salad. Which I asked for with dressing on side and mixed in new bowl. But somehow I got glutened. While many seem to like it, I'll not go back. I'd rather starve.
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Posted:  Apr 6, 2014 Early Mountain Vineyards  14121
Name:  Geri 6109 Wolftown-Hood Rd. 57988 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * Madison, VA

Submitted via mobile device Update: Early Mountain changed their menu and states they do not have a separate kitchen or prep area as I was originally told. The gluten free option was not as tasty as three weeks ago. Disappointedð???
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Posted:  Apr 5, 2014 Pizzetta  9579
Name:  lms76 7 water st 50233 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * Mystic, CT 06355

Had a gluten free pizza with pepperoni, it was just ok. Wouldn't go back.
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Posted:  Apr 5, 2014 Capt. Daniel Packer Inne  11852
Name:  llms76 32 Water St 24134 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * * * * * Mystic, CT 06355

We've eaten here four years ago, before going gluten free, and loved it. Found out they had a gluten free menu and had to go back. We ate their twice this past week. The first time, had their baked cod with garlic mashed potatoes, and it was wonderful. My son had a bunless burger and it was very good also. My husband had the chili and french fries, and both were very good. The service is good, not exactly friendly but adequate. We like eating in the pub area though it can get a little crowded and loud. The second visit we had a ribeye special which the chef said was ok for gluten free, even though it wasn't on the menu. We didn't have any reaction either time we ate there. They also have a gluten free chocolate torte or cake but we didn't try it. I would very highly recommend this for gluten free or anyone. The menus change, so if you see something you'd like to try, get it. I wanted to try their seafood risotto but it wasn't on the menu the next time. You can tell everything is made from scratch, and they are very knowledgeable about their menu. If they don't know they will ask for you.
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