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Posted:  Sep 1, 2014 Lobsterville Bar & Grille  14967
Name:  eva 8 Circuit Ave. Extension59332 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  *** Oak Bluffs, MA 02557

Submitted via mobile device They didn't have a gluten free menu but checked with the chef if any entrees were gluten free (2 were). I had the swordfish and it was delicious. Great food, would be better to have more choice
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Posted:  Sep 1, 2014 The Naked Oyster Bistro & Raw Bar  12231
Name:  eva 410 Main St.54738 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  *** Hyannis, MA 02601

Submitted via mobile device They had a gluten free symbol beside the items on their regular menu that were gluten free. I had the spring shrimp and it was great. One of the few gluten free options in Hyannis
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Posted:  Aug 31, 2014 Upper Crust Pizza and Wings  15735
Name:  Anonymous 221 W. King St60199 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Chamberlain, SD

Pizza and wings
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Posted:  Aug 31, 2014 Ellensburg Pasta Company  6417
Name:  katie 600 N Main St30448 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Ellensburg, WA 98926

Submitted via mobile device Gluten free bruschetta and a variety of pastas. The best gluten free meal I've ever eaten!! Wish I lived closer and could enjoy a lot more often.
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Posted:  Aug 29, 2014 Good Food Gluten Free (GF Squared)  12726
Name:  Brando801 423 W. 800 S.55361 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Best gluten free food I have ever had. Everything they offer is delicious, the right consistency, and flavorful. Excellent selection and they take special orders. Let's be clear there is no sandy bread here, only delicious " I can't believe this has no glutens" treats.
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Posted:  Aug 29, 2014 Good Food Gluten Free (GF Squared)  12726
Name:  Anonymous 423 W. 800 S.55361 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Salt Lake City, UT 84101

I found this bakery downtown one day and was pleasantly surprised by all the yummy gluten free goods! There were zucchini bread samples, and I bought the pumpkin chocolate chip mini muffins. Deelish! I've bought some at the hospital before too. Definitely good homemade quality gluten free and even some dairy free treats.
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Posted:  Aug 28, 2014 Cakes in Art  15690
Name:  Malia Y. 5981 Sedgewick Court60117 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** King George, VA 22485

Karen Seay makes incredible chocolate and peanut butter gluten-free cupcakes. They are delicious, moist & bursting with natural flavor. I chose to use her chocolate and peanut butter gluten-free in my upcoming wedding as one of the choices on my wedding cake. Karen is a great listener and really takes the time to find out exactly what you want when it comes to flavors. Her wedding cakes are flawless and I can think of nobody I'd rather have making my wedding cake. I'm honored and humbled to know her. I highly recommend Cakes In Art to anyone who wants great cakes with incredible flavor.
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Posted:  Aug 28, 2014 Good Food Gluten Free (GF Squared)  12726
Name:  Angela 423 W. 800 S.55361 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Salt Lake City, UT 84101

I love GF Squared. Everything I have ever gotten from there is fresh and tastes great. Special order items are fast and really awesome. Especially the chocolate chip cookies. I also love the cheesy dill dinner rolls. It is so nice to have rolls at dinner. Customer service is amazing too.
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Posted:  Aug 28, 2014 City Cakes & Cafe  12774
Name:  Anna the Allergic 1000 South Main St.55464 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Salt Lake City, UT 84101

My favorite place to get a waffle breakfast (definitely recommend berries w/maple syrup- SO GOOD!) They also offer the most amazing dairy & gluten free cheesecake I've had. This entire location is strictly vegan, and everything I've had on their pretty extensive menu is tasty. Great place to hang out and have a good gluten free experience. Also offer free wifi.
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Posted:  Aug 28, 2014 Good Food Gluten Free (GF Squared)  12726
Name:  Anna the Allergic 423 W. 800 S.55361 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Salt Lake City, UT 84101

GF Squared is my favorite place to buy gluten free goods. I have nicknamed Angie the Gluten-free witch, because her gluten free specialties are not only lush, rich, and boast smooth, delicious flavors, but the goods will also hold for at least two weeks (if you don't eat them before that- as the only one in my household, it's great to not have to throw out 3/4 moldy loaves anymore). GF Squared accommodates many more allergies in addition to Gluten/Coeliac, and I highly recommend the Anadama bread and her squash rolls are to die for!
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Posted:  Aug 27, 2014 Sweet Basil  15717
Name:  Anonymous 942 Great Plain Ave.60181 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Needham, MA 02492

They make their own GF pasta
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Posted:  Aug 27, 2014 Smashburger  14827
Name:  liad 10 W 33rd St.58959 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** New York, NY 10001

Submitted via mobile device Very nice gluten free bun with hamburger. Good choice.
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Posted:  Aug 27, 2014 Cakes in Art  15690
Name:  KCA 5981 Sedgewick Court60117 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** King George, VA 22485

I have had the pleasure over the last several years to taste many of the flavors Karen creates. Just recently I tried her Gluten Free Red Velvet & Decadent Chocolate with Peanut Butter Icing and both were AMAZING! Karen's cakes are not just delicious they are truly works of Arr. I highly recommend Cakes In Art to anyone who wants a cake to remember!
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Posted:  Aug 27, 2014 Chairmans Foods  15408
Name:  Lacie 1725 Elm Hill Pike59822 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Nashville, TN 37210

Cape Cod Chicken Salad is the best chicken salad my family and I have had in a long time. The quality of the ingredients are remarkable and the container amount (40 oz.) is very generous! Great for our large family and gatherings. Absolutely love the taste.....they have mastered this product!
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Posted:  Aug 26, 2014 New England Soup Factory  15704
Name:  Anonymous 244 Needham St60164 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Newton Highlands, MA 02464

GF soup
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Gluten-Free Grocery Guide

Posted:  Aug 26, 2014 A New Leaf  15703
Name:  Anonymous 1038 Great Plain Ave60163 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Needham, MA 02492

Also have a juice bar
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Posted:  Aug 26, 2014 The Cottage Chestnut Hill  15702
Name:  Anonymous 47 Boylston St60162 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Chestnut Hill, MI 02467

Very good food, many options on GF menu
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Posted:  Aug 26, 2014 Algarve Restaurant  15692
Name:  Anonymous 1625 Silas Deane Hwy60152 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Rocky Hill, CT 06067

Excellent new restaurant. Same owner as Elizabeth's Restaurant. Has many gluten free options. Great food.
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Posted:  Aug 25, 2014 Evviva Cucina  12876
Name:  Anonymous 7 Cornerstone Square55567 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Westford, MA 01886

Great food and an extensive GF menu. Italian dishes, pizza, and sandwiches. My daughters are very sensitive to gluten and we've eaten there multiple times with no problems. They really have the GF procedures down - wait staff is well informed, the kitchen seems to understand how to avoid cross contamination, and the manager comes out to check on things. Highly recommended.
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Posted:  Aug 25, 2014 Cakes in Art  15690
Name:  Erin Hurry 5981 Sedgewick Court60117 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** King George, VA 22485

You can't get better than this local talent. Karen at Cakes in Art is so much more than a passionate woman doing what she loves, she digs deep and creates unbelievable creations that leaves you wanting more. Her baked designs do not only look like perfection,they taste like it too. Today I tried one of her new gluten free cupcakes. Once again I almost did not want to eat it and ruin the art she made but I could not stop myself and I realized the art in this one was in the taste. Amazing woman, super professional, great to work with and a true talent.
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Posted:  Aug 25, 2014 Savory Cafe & Pizzeria  4966
Name:  katwmn1000 526 NW Coast St25861 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Newport, OR 97365

Our hotel recommended this place for dinner and we were impressed! The wait staff were knowledgeable and we got the most delicious beef tacos!
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Posted:  Aug 25, 2014 The Gluten Free Place  15639
Name:  katwmn1000 1654 N Coast Hwy60053 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Newport, OR 97365

The link on the main page goes nowhere. The website is
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Posted:  Aug 25, 2014 The Gluten Free Place  15639
Name:  katwmn1000 1654 N Coast Hwy60053 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Newport, OR 97365

How nice to find this store/cafe on our trip to Newport! Our hotel referred us here for lunch. Right off of the main drag, on the corner in a mall. The gal running it is lovely and is knowledgeable about a variety of sensitivities. What great food! We had pizza & a turkey sandwich. We wish her much success!
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Posted:  Aug 25, 2014 Jake's Gluten Free Market  15118
Name:  Tess 12570 West Fairview Ave.59530 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Boise, ID 83713

This is such an awesome store. i highly reccomend this place to anyone suffering with a gluten intolerance. Thank you for all of your help!!!
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Posted:  Aug 25, 2014 HuHot Mongolian Grills  975
Name:  Anonymous 4100 University Ave16332 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** West Des Moines, IA 50265

HuHot has always accommodated me with my gluten allergy. The manager always comes and talks to me before I order, even though I have been to this establishment numerous times. The cooks make sure the grill is cleaned and safe for me. While Huhot cannot guarantee gluten free on their buffet (since this is a buffet,) they make very sure everything is very clean. I love this place and will be going back!
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Posted:  Aug 25, 2014 My Gluten Free Bread Company  5426
Name:  Frani48
Rating:  *****

Best GF multigrain bread I have ever had. You do not even have to toast this bread.
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Posted:  Aug 24, 2014 Chipotle Mexican Grill  601
Name:  No Gluten Gal 14120 Bear Valley Rd., Ste. 10018903 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Victorville, CA 92392

I go here often and inform the person who makes my order of my problem. Usually the server immediately puts on gloves and takes the appropriate precautions. If it is a newbie, I have had to ask. Since food is prepared in front of me I can monitor. They are very obliging, extremely willing and usually well informed. Food is fantastic..healthy and delicious and very fresh.
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Posted:  Aug 23, 2014 Bambu  4146
Name:  Listeningtomybody 1715 Beam Ave24180 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  *** St. Paul, MN 55109

This restaurant has delicious food, but I just cannot be sure the "gluten free" menu is just that. In fact, I'm searching reviews right now! Perhaps it's in the rice or sauces, but every time I order, I feel a reaction. I thought it might have been in the chicken (like cheap frozen chicken often has), but tonight I had only shrimp in my sweet and spicy curry blast. I also had the spring rolls. I get the same thing every time, and have many, many times, but now that I reacted without the chicken, I'm skeptical. I would love to say it's legit because I'm also soy, dairy, and corn free and there are very few places I can eat, not to mention I love Thai food!
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Posted:  Aug 23, 2014 Bay Walk Cafe  4098
Name:  GF 16 S Hwy 10124105 [Map]
Rating:  ** Depoe Bay, OR 97341

We stopped yesterday in anticipation of some GF fish and chips. My overall impression when we walked in was we should leave as the surroundings were not the most well kept and even the people working there had that same appearance. Anyway, ordered the GF onion rings and they weren't bad, but they also were not hot. Ordered the fish and chips and they arrived long after the onion rings. The GF fish had a heavy breading on them, most of which I did not eat. My husband had regular fish/fries. All of his meal was horribly greasy along with the fries I had. They do apparently have dedicated fryers for GF. They offered a sample of their chowder which left a metallic after taste in my mouth, so much so I ate a mint afterwards to get the taste out. Needless to say we will not be returning. I gave it a two and that is stretching it because the onion rings were marginally acceptable. The rest of the meal was not. We both were just anxious to leave.
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Posted:  Aug 23, 2014 Chalet  5033
Name:  GF 2026 N. Coast Hwy25929 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  *** Newport, OR 97365

Yesterday my husband stopped to buy himself a treat and something GF for me since they advertise a GF bakery. Be aware that all items GF and NOT are kept in the same case. When my husband commented about all items being stored together, they offered up that all items are also baked in the same kitchen and oven. Then my husband made the comment that they weren't really GF and the response he got was "well, not if you have Celiac". So, I would say if you do have Celiac, be cautious eating here. I only gave it a 3 as my husband did buy some items for himself which were OK.
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Posted:  Aug 22, 2014 Rachel's Kitchen  5756
Name:  Anna 3330 S. Hualapai29711 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * Las Vegas, NV 89117

ISSUE: This location no longer offers gluten free (REVIEW ONLY FOR HUALAPAI LOCATION) While the menu offers gluten free selection, the staff informed me that if I had an allergy that I should not eat there. I've eaten at all the Las Vegas locations and never had an issue. Specifically, and this isn't the first time I made this request, they only have one toaster. I asked that the bread just be grilled with the sandwich and they said it's the same thing as a toaster. I asked whether they were preparing the gluten allergy food on a clean surface space and they said they couldn't do that. I even spoke to the manager.
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Posted:  Aug 22, 2014 Moe's Southwest Grill  5177
Name:  MMP 9310 Cedar Center Way30673 [Map]
Rating:  ** Louisville, KY 40291

I used to go with my family all the time, since this Moe's is close to my house. At some point, there was a big turnover and the new employees did not have a clue what gluten is. After the initial handler would wash their hands and change gloves the next handler would grab my bowl on the inside, which defeats the purpose of anyone washing their hands. Cross contamination is a real concern here.
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Posted:  Aug 22, 2014 Tasty Good Eats  14081
Name:  ATS orders@glutenfreetastygoodeats.com57946 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Fairfield, CT

I am very late in leaving this review, but Karina made us the BEST Italian/cannoli cake for my mother-in-law's birthday last month! We were trying to recreate a much beloved cake that she got every year before being diagnosed with celiac disease. Karina worked with us to recreate this cake based on nothing more than a photo and a vague description, and the outcome was so delicious. It was a rum-flavored Italian sponge cake with strawberry filling, cannoli frosting, and chocolate sprinkles (photo on her website!). If we hadn't already known it was gluten-free, we would never have guessed! The cake itself was delicious, and the frosting was smooth and creamy without being overly sweet. We all had more than one helping! Karina was also a complete pleasure to work with -- very responsive to my million questions via email and very willing to make sure we got exactly what we wanted. I will definitely be ordering from her again, and I'm looking forward to trying some of her other treats as well! If you need a delicious treat that does not taste like traditional gluten-free desserts, this is the place to come!
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Posted:  Aug 22, 2014 Red Robin  569
Name:  Mcconnell Olson 3333 S Wadsworth #B14659 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ** Lakewood, CO 80227

We've been to a few Red Robins and unfortunately, there is ABSOLUTELY NO consistency. Each visit to a red robins has given us a different result in whether or not the ranch and the seasoning is gluten free. This time it is, next time it isn't. We were also told that we couldn't see the allergy thing because it was a liability???? That we would have to rely on the memory of our waiter/waitress to find out if what we wanted was gluten free or not. Call me crazy, but I would assume that if they can't properly explain what Gluten is, their not going to be able to tell us if something is or is NOT GF. This is a terrible way to run a restaurant with GF Options. One day an individual with serious Celiac disease is going to get gluten and that will be an issue.
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Posted:  Aug 22, 2014 Eat Healthy Deli  14578
Name:  SL 24 Little Falls Rd.58472 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Fairfield, NJ 07004

Awesome baked goods such as cupcakes, brownies, muffins, cookies, cheesecake, whoopsie pies, and fresh delicious sandwiches all with friendly service. Neat cozy interior. They do not sacrifice taste. Cakes can be made if pre-ordered. They plan to open later hours after they become more established. I think they do catering too. Colleagues envy me for living do close to this restaurant/deli!
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Gluten-Free Grocery Guide

Posted:  Aug 21, 2014 Drip Cafe  13944
Name:  Debbie 144 Lantana Dr57753 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Hockessin, DE 19707

Fantastic for food allergies. Tell them your allergies, and they will fix most items on the menu to accommodate you. Organic, local foods that taste great. Love this place!
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Posted:  Aug 20, 2014 Italian Village Restaurants  8539
Name:  Great! 71 West Monroe St49051 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Chicago, IL 60603

The chef came out and helped me pick the perfect dish that would be gluten free and then personally delivered it to the table when ready. Great service, and cool atmosphere, would definitely go back.
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Posted:  Aug 19, 2014 Hopscotch Beer and Whiskey Bar  14599
Name:  Toby 9743 Franklin Ave58482 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Franklin Park, IL 60131

The food here is very tasty, high quality stuff. The food has a lot of flavor thats for sure. They have a burger bar with over 40 toppings and served on Udi buns, as well as offering gluten free beer. Also have a dedicated fryer for their french fries. I am coming back definitely.
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Posted:  Aug 19, 2014 Hots Deli  15343
Name:  Travler 180 Westgate Pkwy59757 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Dothan, AL 36303

Absolutely LOVE this place! Finally, Gluten Free Sandwiches packed with GF Meats and cheese! Also the Baked GF wings are great with a salad and GF dressings (almost all of theirs are;)or their GF FRIES! If you get the GF pizza you may want to ask for a "heavy Bake". Glad we found this little gem on the way to the BEACH!
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Posted:  Aug 19, 2014 Chili's Grill & Bar  50
Name:  TK 17588 Castleton5349 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * City of Industry, CA 91748

ISSUE: This location no longer offers gluten free Their menu clearly states that they CANNOT MEET GLUTEN FREE STANDARDS.
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Posted:  Aug 19, 2014 Sweet Karma Desserts  462
Name:  Anonymous 136 Manetto Hill Rd13569 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  not rated Plainview, NY 11803

ISSUE: This location has moved to new location
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Posted:  Aug 19, 2014 Sprouts Farmers Market  6174
Name:  H 7153 Amador Plaza rd30203 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Dublin, CA 94568

They had a huge range of Gluten free products all clearly labeled. It was like a GF dream! I would highly recommend shopping here.
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Posted:  Aug 18, 2014 Paddy Murphy's  15666
Name:  Anonymous 26 Main St60080 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Bangor, ME 04401

Also has gluten free beer (Redbridge).
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Posted:  Aug 18, 2014 Romano's Macaroni Grill  141
Name:  Rick 13721 S Tamiami Trail5795 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  * Fort Myers, FL 33912

They cook their gluten free pasta in the same water as their regular pasta. All of their meat is pre marinated so they really don't know what's in it. I got sick every time I ate there and once I found a regular pasta noodle in my "gluten free" pasta. The manager tried to tell me " well some people are more sensitive". They are not gluten free at all!
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Posted:  Aug 18, 2014 Duke's Bakery  12673
Name:  gf calzone 162 Columbia St.55308 [GF Map]     [Map]
Rating:  ***** Fall River, MD 20850

Submitted via mobile device Stopped here on our way into Boston from Bristol and fell in love! Wonderful owners and yummy treats. I had GF clam chowder, a GF calzone and a whoopie pie!!!! Worth a stop!
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